Molly, a 14 yrs old boxer was diagnosed with a Mast Cell tumor on her ear. Because of the location on the ear, surgical approach would have required the removal of the entire ear pinna, a very invasive surgery, for any patient, and especially in a senior dog like Molly.

Molly was given antihistamines and prednisone before the surgery, as mast cell tumors can release histamine and inflammatory substances. Large mast cell tumors are not good candidates for the procedure, but smaller ones, can be frozen.

The procedure was done as an outpatient with the owner present and with local anesthetic. Molly was very busy eating doggy treats and didn’t even know the procedure was being done.

Using an appropriate size cryo-chamber, that covered the entire tumor and surrounding area, the procedure was done with 3 cycles of quick freeze and slow thaw.

The procedure was a successes and the tumor has been frozen off, without any damage to the ear cartilage.

Although, tumor freezing–cryosurgery–is not the first choice for mast cell tumors, in this case it was, due to the location of the tumor, requiring the complete removal of the ear, and the age of the patient.

Molly is doing great and is very happy with the surgery and that her ear was preserved, and she didn’t need to go under general anesthesia.

Dr. Ehud Sela

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