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Molly, a 14 yrs old boxer was diagnosed with a Mast Cell tumor on her ear. Because of the location on the ear, surgical approach would have required the removal of the entire ear pinna, a very invasive surgery, for any patient, and especially in a senior dog like Molly.

Molly was given antihistamines and prednisone before the surgery, as mast cell tumors can release histamine and inflammatory substances. Large mast cell tumors are not good candidates for the procedure, but smaller ones, can be frozen.

The procedure was done as an outpatient with the owner present and with local anesthetic. Molly was very busy eating doggy treats and didn’t even know the procedure was being done.

Using an appropriate size cryo-chamber, that covered the entire tumor and surrounding area, the procedure was done with 3 cycles of quick freeze and slow thaw.

The procedure was a successes and the tumor has been frozen off, without any damage to the ear cartilage.

Although, tumor freezing–cryosurgery–is not the first choice for mast cell tumors, in this case it was, due to the location of the tumor, requiring the complete removal of the ear, and the age of the patient.

Molly is doing great and is very happy with the surgery and that her ear was preserved, and she didn’t need to go under general anesthesia.

Dr. Ehud Sela

The GentleVet

Gentle Vet Animal Hospital

Margate, Florida.

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Kali, an eleven years white Boxer was presented for two small cutaneous masses that seem to be growing lately. Biopsy revealed benign growths. Kali has a history of malignant cutaneous tumors that required surgical removal under anesthesia. Due to her history it was decided in abundance of caution to cryo-freeze the growths.

The procedure was done in the exam room as an outpatient with local anesthesia. During the procedure Kali was given doggy treats and was very busy enjoying them.

Using the appropriate small size cryo-chamber the growths were frozen using 3 cycles of quick freeze, slow thaw.

The growths should recede and vanish within a few weeks.

Gentle vet Animal Hospital, Margate, Florida.

Dr. Ehud Sela, The Gentle Vet.




Charcoal, a thirteen years old large Labrador was presented for a an ulcerating mass that was growing and disturbing him on his skin. Fine needle biopsy confirmed a tumor which was not malignant, but was growing fast and could transform into a malignancy.

In the exam room with local anesthetic and with Charcoal very busy eating doggy cookies,  the tumor was frozen using a small cryo-chamber that fit snugly on the mass. A few cycles of quick freeze and slow thaw were applied with no notable discomfort for Charcoal, who was pleasantly eating his favorite treats all along.

The mass fell off with 14 days and both Charcoal and his owner are delighted that general anesthesia surgery was avoided.

Dr. Ehud Sela

Gentle Vet Animal Hospital, Margate, Florida

Phone: 954-972-5900


LOVE AFTER LOVE by Derek Walcott

Such a beautiful poem. Says so much with clarity and simplicity of words. Words that veil great depths of life experience.

Dr. Ehud Sela.

The Gentle Vet.

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Affordable pet health plans starting $76.00 yearly for adult dog & cats. Puppy/Kitten plans start at $199.00. All plans include vaccines & exams with vaccines.


Affordable pet health plans starting $76.00 yearly for adult dog & cats. Puppy/Kitten plans start at $199.00. All plans include vaccines & exams with vaccines.



A highly personalized health assessment and health management program with prompt and increased access to Dr. Ehud Sela. The program will emphasize preventive medicine and early diagnostic tests as a way to maximize quality of life and length of life. The pet owners have peace of mind knowing that they receive comprehensive, state-of-the-art medical care tailored to their pet’s individual needs.

Dr. Ehud Sela offers various levels of concierge service to tailor your pets’ healthcare needs.

Concierge Plan Puppy/Kitten:

Puppy/kitten vaccine series

Two comprehensive fecal tests sent to reference lab

Two comprehensive Urine Tests sent to reference lab

Two Dewormings

Free Exam with vaccination

Ten percent discount on preventive veterinary products

Price: $450.00. Plan duration 12 months.

Includes oral Kennel cough vaccine & canine influenza series.

Plan can be used as a House Call plan for an additional $100.00


Concierge Plan adults:

Includes all the benefits of the puppy/kitten plan plus:

Unlimited exam/consultations

Ten percent discount on all veterinary services and products

Price: $850.00. Plan duration 12 months.


One ultrasound & two x-rays views & one additional view same time

One comprehensive blood work: cbc/diff/ general health panel.

Fifteen percent discount on all veterinary services and products.

Price: $1595.00. Plan duration 12 months.

Plan can be used as a House Call plan for an additional $200.00 

An interesting new genetic study about the Domestic cat


Sick Dog

I have been encountering over the last years more more the use of words that tend to convey to the pet owner a sense of guilt and fear.

The following statement with some variations is used: You have declined diagnostics and treatment at this time, as well as humane euthanasia. It is very likely that your pet will continue to decline without treatment and may die at home.

Wow! What a statement; how frightening.

So, are there cases when a pet is so critical that the above is true? Of course there are. But I have encountered cases—and too often—in which the statement is used to scare and create a feeling of guilt.

A true assessment needs to be done, and if true financial hardships are present, then a less costly venue can and should be pursued. In my practice I explain in detail the possible differentials of the illness, being frank and open. Often, with the understanding and acceptance of the owner, a course of treatment will be ensued, and if feasible, and most time it is, I send the patient home, where they are more comfortable. Usually a follow up visit is set for the next day. I explain that this approach has significant limitations, as at this point we do not have a diagnosis, but we can try and see how we are doing with treatment that addresses the symptoms. Of course some medications cannot be started without diagnosis—as they can do harm in certain situations—but at least we are trying to help the pet and the family.

If the patient improves, then, gradually and judiciously we’ll do tests to further define the illness, continue or modify the treatment, and try and get a prognosis.

The bottom line has to be compassionate veterinary care with good communication with the owner, and a relationship of mutual trust.

Dr. Ehud Sela

The Gentle Vet

Margate, Florida.



© Dr. Ehud Sela. No work herein may be reproduced in any way without expressed permission from the author.


Chronic Renal disease is a common problem in cats. Blood work can detect it, but once the blood work shows abnormalities changes already were established in the kidneys and often, at that point, the treatment is for control of the disease rather than prevention.

One of the diseases that cats can have is an infection of the kidneys called pyelonephritis. It is often an insidious disease and does not become manifest until late in the disease process.

I am a strong believer in early detection and prevention. In my geriatrics cat patients, I often advise routine urine analysis. It’s a simple test and the owner can easily collect the sample at home.

I also routinely perform abdominal ultrasounds and have found pyelonephritis in cats before the kidneys suffer irreversible damage.

These geriatric cats might have nonspecific mild syndromes with slight weight loss, and just seem to the owner that they are not doing right, in a mild nonspecific way early in the disease process.

These cats usually respond nicely to antibiotics and the owner notices an improvement in their general wellbeing.

Dr. Ehud Sela

Gentle Vet Animal Hospital

Margate, Florida




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