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Kali, an eleven years white Boxer was presented for two small cutaneous masses that seem to be growing lately. Biopsy revealed benign growths. Kali has a history of malignant cutaneous tumors that required surgical removal under anesthesia. Due to her history it was decided in abundance of caution to cryo-freeze the growths.

The procedure was done in the exam room as an outpatient with local anesthesia. During the procedure Kali was given doggy treats and was very busy enjoying them.

Using the appropriate small size cryo-chamber the growths were frozen using 3 cycles of quick freeze, slow thaw.

The growths should recede and vanish within a few weeks.

Dr. Ehud Sela, The Gentle Vet.




Charcoal, a thirteen years old large Labrador was presented for a an ulcerating mass that was growing and disturbing him on his skin. Fine needle biopsy confirmed a tumor which was not malignant, but was growing fast and could transform into a malignancy.

In the exam room with local anesthetic and with Charcoal very busy eating doggy cookies,  the tumor was frozen using a small cryo-chamber that fit snugly on the mass. A few cycles of quick freeze and slow thaw were applied with no notable discomfort for Charcoal, who was pleasantly eating his favorite treats all along.

The mass fell off with 14 days and both Charcoal and his owner are delighted that general anesthesia surgery was avoided.

Dr. Ehud Sela

The Gentle Vet

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