A 16 yrs old cat was presented for a tail lesion that kept oozing and crusting over and bothering the cat. Fine Needle Biopsy, done as an outpatient revealed benign a sebaceous lesion.

Due to the age of the cat a non surgical approach was elected. Using Cryosurgery, liquid nitrogen was applied to the lesion. A 6 mm Cryo-chamber was used and 3 cycles of quick freeze, slow thaw were applied to the lesion, reaching at each freeze cycle Cryo-adhesion. The cat was not bothered at all by the procedure and calmly lay on the exam room table–table that is softly padded for the patients’ comfort–while the owner was petting him. The entire procedure took about 25 minutes and the cat went home with his owner.

The lesion is expected to slowly regress within the coming weeks.

Cryosurgery is an excellent technique for many skin lesions and, or, tumors, that is not invasive and with hardly any discomfort to most patients.

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