Cryosurgery: Tumor freezing, is a valuable tool in treating skin tumors in many patients, and especially in older patients, or higher risk patients for general anesthesia.

Two dogs were treated as an outpatient for two large ulcerated skin tags. The procedure was done using a combination of Cryo-spray, and appropriately sized Cryo-chambers that fit the size of the tumor.

The procedure was done in the exam room, with the owner present–a thing that the dogs liked very much, and so did the owners. The procedure involved a few cycles of quick freeze and slow thaw, and involved no discomfort, or a very minimal discomfort for the patients.

Today, seven days post treatment, the tumors have shrunk significantly to the delight of the owners and the dogs.

I frequently use Cryosurgery for skin lesions for patients that general anesthesia is a higher risk, or patients that the tumors can be frozen, and thus avoid the general anesthesia. Of course, not all tumors, or lesion, are amenable to the procedure and an exam of the tumors/lesions is needed to establish if the patient is a candidate.

Dr. Ehud Sela

Gentle Vet Animal Hospital

Margate, Florida.